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Beautiful and well-groomed feet never go out of fashion, and on the female body they represent one of the most erotic zones.

As the summer temperatures rise, the layers of clothing fall and so we discover an ever-increasing body surface with other people’s views that often observe us from head to toe.

It is the feet that are the part of the body that is hidden in the shoes during the year and to which we therefore do not pay enough attention. The warmest seasons can be quite a challenge for them. Open shoes combined with dust and sweat can lead to blisters, fungal infections and thickened skin, and high temperatures and prolonged standing can cause swelling of the feet.


At Studio Gorica we offer a solution to every problem – with the use of top, high-quality brands we do everything – from a classic pedicure whose purpose is purely aesthetic to a relaxing spa pedicure to a medical pedicure.

We especially highlight:

  1. Classic pedicure

A classic pedicure is a procedure of cleansing and removing dead skin cells from the feet and toenails. It also prevents nail diseases. A classic pedicure begins with a pleasant relaxing bath, and includes warm foot relaxation, detailed nail grooming and cuticle maintenance.

  1. Spa pedicure

Spa pedicure in relation to the classic is enriched with a longer massage and a variety of massage techniques as well as peeling and paraffin mask. Spa pedicure will completely relax your feet and rejuvenate them at the same time.

  1. Medical pedicure

Medical pedicure is performed by our expert and professional staff who are qualified to treat serious medical problems (even in diabetics). With a medical pedicure, we remove thickened skin, treat ingrown nails and corns, and with the help of a highly educated nurse, we also offer the possibility of dressing wounds. In combination with the laser method, we successfully treat fungi.

  1. Aqua Detox

Aqua Detox is a device that removes toxins from the body and raises energy levels in the body. It reduces stress, pain, sweating and unpleasant odors, improves sleep, memory and complexion. It regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels and improves kidney and liver function. It also affects circulation and metabolism. The device is used so that the feet are immersed in water. The electrode circuit ionizes the water while you relax.


  1. Shellac permanent nail polish

If you decide to make a permanent nail polish with a pedicure, in Studio Gorica we use a top-quality Shellac permanent nail polish that is as durable as a gel. Shellac is easily applied to the nail, nourishes and moisturizes the nail and protects it from any damage. The whole process of manicure and application takes only 30 minutes, and removal only 10 minutes. The varnish is easily removed with acetone solution without prior sanding or scratching the nail.

Shellac allows the nail to breathe and unlike a permanent gel, it does not damage the nail.

It lasts up to 3 weeks, without cracking and damage, and in Studio Gorica it is available in as many as 76 shades that cover the entire spectrum of colors and can be mixed and combined in countless shades.

  1. Footlogix

In Gorica for pedicure we use prestigious innovative foot care products from the Footlogix brand.

The products are formulated using innovative technologies and have effective and transformative results for various foot skin problems such as: dry foot skin problems, damaged and cracked heels, circulation and chronically cold foot problem, increased foot skin sweating problem, tired and heavy feet, uncomfortable odors, fungal infections, etc.

The products do not leave greasy traces, act quickly, are easily absorbed and are safe for all skin types, as well as for diabetic skin.

You can buy Footlogix home foot care products at Studio Gorica.

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